Centralized policies

2.2.e Centralized policies overview (not on blueprint)

General information on “SDW Centralized policies overview”:

2.2.e i Application Aware Routing

General information on “SDW Application Aware Routing”:

2.2.e ii Topologies

General information on “SDW Topologies”:

2.2.e VPN Membership Policy (not on blueprint)

General information on “SDW VPN Membership Policy”:

2.2.e DIA (not on blueprint)

Direct Internet Access

General information on “SDW DIA”:

Configuration steps for centralized DIA:

  1. Enable NAT on the internet-facing transport interface
  2. Create a centralized policy
  3. Define groups of interest (eg. source prefix, …)
  4. Configure a traffic data rule:
    • Select “Custom” and add a sequence
    • Match criteria: Source Data Prefix
    • Action criteria: Accept + NAT VPN
  5. Apply data rule to sites:
    • “From Service”
    • Site List: The to be applied sites
    • VPN List: The to be applied VPNs
  6. Deploy configuration