WAN edge deployment

2.2.b i Onboarding new edge routers

General information on “SDW Onboarding new edge routers”:

2.2.b ii Orchestration with zero-touch provisioning/Plug-And-Play

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General information on “SDW ZTP/PNP”:

Cisco PnP Portal/vManage:

2.2.b iii OMP

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Overlay Management Protocol

General information on “SDW OMP”:

OMP advertises the following route types:

OMP route redistribution:

OMP Route Origin Type OMP Route Origin Subtype
Connected -
Static -
BGP - External
- Internal
EIGRP (IOS-XE SD-WAN only) ???
OSPF - Intra-Area
- Inter-Area
- External-1
- External-2

OMP redistribution loop prevention:

Administrative Distance within OMP:

Protocol Administrative Distance
Connected 0
Static 1
NAT (NAT and static routes cannot coexist in the same VPN; NAT overwrites static routes) 1
Learned from DHCP 1
eBGP 20
EIGRP internal (IOS-XE SD-WAN only) 90
OSPF 110
EIGRP external (IOS-XE SD-WAN only) 170
iBGP 200
OMP 250

OMP Best-Path Selection Process:

  1. Route Resolvability (is next-hop TLOC is reachable?)
  2. Route Source Preference (Prefer vEdge over vSmart routes)
  3. Administrative Distance (prefer OMP route with lowest AD)
  4. Route Preference (prefer route with highest OMP route preference)
  5. Only on vEdge: TLOC preference (prefer route with highest TLOC preference)
    • Origin (prefer route with best origin => Connected, Static, eBGP, EIGRP, OSPF Intra/Inter/External, iBGP, …)
    • If two equal routes have the same AD, the lower origin cost/metric will decide
  6. Only on vEdge: Prefer route from highest origin system-ip (aka router-id within OSPF/EIGRP)
    • Only on vEdge: Prefer route from highest private TLOC IP address
    • Only on vSmart: Prefer vEdge-received routes over vSmart-received routes

OMP Best-Path Selection information:


MNEMONIC Sentence: Routers Should Always Offer Tracking Of System Paths.

OMP support for traditional unicast routing protocols:

OMP support for multicast routing:

2.2.b iv TLOC

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Transport Location

General information on “SDW TLOC”:

TLOC Extension:

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2.2b Everything else (not on blueprint)

General information on “SDW Everything else”: