Best path selection

1.3.b i RD, FD, FC, successor, feasible successor

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Reported Distance (RD)

General information on “EIGRP Reported Distance (RD)":

Computed Distance (CD) (not on blueprint)

General information on “EIGRP Computed Distance (CD)":

Feasible Distance (FD)

General information on “EIGRP Feasible Distance (FD)":

Feasibility condition (FC):

General information on “EIGRP Feasibility condition (FC)":

Successor route

General information on “EIGRP Successor route”:

Feasible successor route

General information on “EIGRP Feasible successor route”:

Zero successor routes (not on blueprint)

General information on “EIGRP Zero successor routes”:

Important: All routes to a destination network are put in the topology table but only the best route (when load-balancing is NOT configured) with the lowest FD will be put in the routing table!

1.3.b ii Classic Metrics and Wide Metrics

Classic Metrics

EIGRP classic metric calculation formula:

EIGRP classic metric calculation formula (simplified, all K values default):

EIGRP metric calculation parameters:

EIGRP classic metric K values:

Wide Metrics

General information on “EIGRP Wide Metrics”:

“EIGRP Wide Metrics” CLI configuration commands:

## Modifying the EIGRP named mode RIB scale value
Router(config-router-af)# metric rib-scale <1-255>